Monday, 8 March 2010

Spring at last - crocus at the Lawns

Near the entrance to the Lawns in Old Town.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


The ruined chancel of the old Holy Rood Church at the Lawns, today
I have written about the Lawns many times on this blog, it would be true to say it is probably my favourite place in Swindon. It is in fact the site of an early prehistoric settlement in the Swindon area and the remains of Holy Rood church are very likely built on the site of an ancient burial ground.

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 - New Year's Day at Coate Water

New Year's Day 2010, not only a new year but a new decade; it really does feel like a new chapter. I have so much enjoyed compiling this Hidden Swindon record of Swindon's tucked away nooks and crannies. Coate Water Country Park does not really fit the criteria as, far from being hidden, it is Swindon's crowning glory. Also being the backdrop for the children's novel 'Bevis' by Victorian author Richard Jefferies there is a literary and historic value to this beautiful location. Coate is not safe though - developers are hungry for the adjacent land which would considerably diminish the sense of it being a country park. Swindon Council still want to build 750 homes on the land along Day House Lane even though the larger development was thrown out on appeal. Natural England is running a campaign to extend the buffer zone around Coate Water to include the land along Day House Lane.
Early this afternoon, I walked with a couple of good friends around the Coate lake. Today there were lots of people out and about; people with dogs, people with children all enjoying the holiday and bright, chilly weather. An avenue of trees; woodland, robins; the heron sanctuary with Liddington Hill in the background; and the lakes still partly covered with ice in places.

Looking towards Liddington Hill from the Heron Sanctuary

The ice covered swampy area along Broome Manor Lane at the back of Coate - not strictly part of the park, it has an eerie atmosphere all of its own.