Thursday, 15 November 2007

Kingshill Canal - a bright frosty November morning

This frosty November morning down by Kingshill Canal has a touch of magic about it. Only a ten minute walk from the centre of town, it is incredibly peaceful - a variety of waterfowl, including a pair of young swans have happily made it their home. The ancient hedgerows along the tow-path support many varieties of 'garden' birds. This morning I saw chaffinches, blackbirds, a robin and a hedge-sparrow. Plus a pair of collared doves and quite a few contented pigeons.

The tow-path along by the canal
On the other side of the ancient hedgrow which largely comprises hawthorns and ivy covered trees is Rushy Platt Nature Reserve. One of Swindon's unsung little corners of protected and preserved wild-life.

The ducks waking up to a bright and frosty morning