Sunday, 26 April 2009

An old familiar walk

Croft Wood with bluebells was the very first photo I posted on this blog back in 2007. Last year I used the Croft Wood bluebells to say that "I have said what I wanted to say, and wouldn't be making any more posts on Hidden Swindon". I changed my mind, however, as I often do ..... and here we are again at bluebell time in one of Swindon's loveliest tucked away little places, Croft Wood (behind the Marriot Hotel). This morning, as well as bluebells there was red campion, wood anemones and green ferns unfurling.

On my way to the wood I walked through the Croft Sports Field - football being played on a Sunday morning all over England. This sports field is overlooked by the Marlborough Downs and the Wroughton Science Museum is visible on the horizon (double click on photo for a clearer view).

Raining pink petals - this morning walking through the ever lovely Town Gardens in Old Town on my way to Croft Wood.