Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Lawns - my favourite place in Swindon

Holy Rood Church
This fascinating little church is no longer open to the public except on certain days of the year and I understand it was built for the Lords of the Manor. There are several mature yews in the grounds of the church which is an indication that has been the site of worship for many centuries and was probably a sacred site before Christianisation - as is on the site of springs which have always been held as sacred.

The seven swans of the Lawns lakes.

I have been observing with great pleasure this family of swans since the Spring. They have flourished in this tranquil and peaceful setting. Just before this picture was taken the swans had flown across the lake skimming the surface as they came into land. Swans in flight must be one of Nature's most glorious sights - a lone angler told me that the parents are teaching the young ones to fly away and leave the nest ........the world turns, as ever was.

Through the little wood leading down to one of the lakes.

The old beech tree - this is an dear old friend.

The view across the lakes towards the Marlborough Downs. The Lawns is the site of Swindon first dwelling place and evidence of Iron age people has been found - there are underground springs which feed the lakes. In more recent history the Lawns were part of the grounds belonging to the local Lords of the Manor.