Sunday, 7 October 2007

October Morning - Radnor Street Cemetery

Radnor Street Cemetery is one of Swindon's old hidden places. A Victorian cemetery on the side of Swindon Hill overlooking the busy modern town. In common with most old cemeteries the history of the town and its people can be pieced together from the gravestones. Today, however, the cemetery is only very rarely used for burials and has been designated as a nature reserve.

It the home of many varieties of birds (a green woodpecker spotted today) from crows and magpies down to wrens - who nest in the shrubbery and ivy.

Bats, badgers, squirrels and foxes find a safe haven there. As do the many cats who live in the neighbourhood - a veritable cats playground. There is a rumour that there is a deer up there but I find that hard to belief and it is yet to be seen.