Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Queen's Park - January morning sun-burst

This is just a little morning snap-shot of Queen's Park - there is much I want to say about this lovely town centre park. The park was created on the site of what was possibly an old quarry, later used as a brickworks (see comment below by Graham Carter) back in the 1950's - the steep bank on the far side of the lake is closed off to the public because of risk of subsidence. This little bit of Swindon has some underground tunnels which were built when GWR attempted to link Old Town Station with the 'New Town' station, however, they had to abandon the project because of subsidence.
There is a quite recent little memorial garden tucked away in one corner but it deserves far more than a passing mention so I will come back to it later.
Note: Thank you to Graham Carter for the information about the tunnels at the back of Queen's Park, I have amended the above accordingly. I checked with Wikipaedia about Purbeck Stone under 'History of Swindon', they trace its use back to the Romans as there is evidence that this stone was used in Roman villas found in the area. Wikipaedia gives both the Town Gardens and Queen's Park as quarry sites, though it has to be said there is far more evidence of this stone in the Town Gardens (I did a post back in October last year about it). Thanks for the encouraging words in both comments - just me walking around with a digital camera in my pocket, as I have chosen not to own a car.