Saturday, 5 January 2008

A walk by the River Cole on a January morning

The river was flowing quite fast under the little bridge - there appear to be some sarsen stones on the bank. I wonder where they came from - my ordinance survey map shows a stone circle not far away on Dayhouse Lane but no-one I know has ever found it. Perhaps these stones were removed from the site of the stone circle .......

I only discovered this charming, quite well hidden walk today. For some time now I had noticed (from the bus) the profusion of willows on the land near the Coate Water roundabout. This January morning felt bright and fresh after a night of heavy rain - so on with the walking boots, I headed for Coate Water. Instead of going into Coate I turned left into Shaftesbury Ave, crossed the road to discover one of Swindon's many lovely places to walk. The river Cole appears to be fed by Coate Water but a little bit of geographical detective work is needed to verify this.