Friday, 11 April 2008

Cheerful Chickens

On our way back towards Purton yesterday we passed Purton House Farm which grows organic produce and raises free range livestock. The chickens looked very chirpy indeed and, at sight of us, all came running out of their coops to gather by the wire fence. They obviously had a very good relationship with people, though were probably just hoping for food.

We came across one sad looking chicken which had somehow escaped and was wandering about rather forlornly on the wrong side of the fence. We agreed it should be rescued it from it's freedom - one of my companions gently picked it up and put back over the fence where it clearly wanted to be.

Purton House Farm sells organic free range eggs at their Farmer's Markets which are held at various times around Swindon and also at the shop Swindon Pulse. Pulse is a worker's co-operative that sells organic produce and products. It is a rather wonderful little place that manages to survive on Curtis Street where all the small shops that used to exist have long since disappeared due to the one way traffic system. You can check out Pulse (which also has links to other ethical web-sites) at