Saturday, 5 April 2008

Swindon's own magical place

The Lawn Swans
I have written about this pair of swans several times already on this blog. Here they are doing what all birds are doing at present - nesting. The female swan did not move at all while I was watching, the male swan was on sentinel duties.

I wrote about the Lawn (or Lawns as it is know to me) last month under '7,000 year old enigma' so I will try not to repeat myself. This is a very special little spot within the Lawns - all three pictures were taken by the second lake. This lake has it's own small island (where the swans nest) and, being at a lower level to the first lake, is fed by underground springs. There is also a gully where water pours in from the first lake. Standing on the overgrown bank I could see an old gnarled yew tree by one of the springs (fairly unusual because they are normally found in churchyards).
The old gnarled yew, hidden away in a gully between the two lakes.

One of the many underground springs around the Lawns. This one was bubbling up from the earth and looks as if it contains iron - I also think that perhaps wild watercress is growing there .......some research needed.