Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Swindon Stone and Swindon Connection

The number 49 trans-Wilts bus arriving outside the Red Lion in Avebury en route to Swindon. I was very muddy and quite cold when I took this picture so have to admit to being glad to climb aboard and clamber upstairs to watch the Wiltshire landscape drift by.

Although this is probably the only post I will make on Avebury to 'Hidden Swindon' (I have taken blogger's licence) I will be back soon on the 49 to wander about this mystical landscape which is just a half an hour's bus ride from the Swindon.

The Swindon Stone - so called because it stands very close to the Swindon road
(also known as the Diamond Stone)
(This picture is for PW)

I am deliberately not going to say very much about the wonderful World Heritage Site of Avebury and its surrounding landscape as much is written and photographed on other web-sites. Today it was quite chilly but so peaceful to arrive early ahead of the weekend visitors - there is restricted access to part of the henge as erosion work has just been completed with renewal of the chalk paths. I head out to Waden Hill and the Whitehorse Trail to return back to Avebury along the Ridgeway and Green Street (also known as Hare Street).

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