Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Good Samaritans

There aren't many people on this blog as it is primarily about the everyday wonder of nature and the seasons around Swindon and the surrounding area (along with a little bit of Swindon's history and the occasional old building).

These lovely trio of 'girls' and their owner deserve a mention though. Yesterday, I strode out into the Wiltshire countryside with the objective of finding East Kennett Long Barrow, which I understood is covered with trees and easier to find in the winter. I reached a point near East Kennett village when I experienced a moment of disorientation. I was standing still, not sure of which path to take, when this man and his three beautiful long haired retrievers came bounding along. Together they led me to the place I wanted to be (opposite the the Ridgeway) and the dogs were an absolute joy - a mother and two daughters, they seemed such happy animals.

It struck me how courteous 'walkers' are, they always greet each other and help if needed.

It was quite muddy and puddly around this little valley near the river Kennett, so I didn't reach East Kennett Long Barrow on this occasion but am looking forward to having another attempt in the near future.